My 2008 Resolution

As they say, "A new life for a new year!". Yep, that's what I'm gonna do. Change my bad and unhealthy ways of living from the previous years. So here's a little list that I have made last January 1, 2008...
  1. Leave my credit card at home.

    I did this for two weeks. Realizing that my life was just at home and at work so I thought I'd just bring it along... hehe! But this time, I see to it that I don't have to spend much this time... and I stopped buying stuff toys too! My toy cabinet was so full that I don't want to buy anymore. I think... hehe!

  2. Bring a small amount of cash in my wallet.

    Hmm?... I did this for the first two weeks still! And it doesn't make any difference because I keep a space for my emergency money and a space for my money to be spent. Good thing I end up saving some by the time I get my next pay. But still, the credit card expenses are always there...still no use! Haha! (Geez... what's the point of including this on my list?!)

  3. Go out at night once a month.

    I did went out once this month. And once because I had to for our team bonding. So I believe I did well on my first month for this!

  4. Not to drink alcoholic beverages.

    Oh yeah... believe it or not, I did this! I have been tempted many times but nah... I would stand up for this resolution. It's for my own good anyway.

  5. Not to drink sodas.

    Hmmm?... I drank coke today. Oh well, I can excuse myself for this sometimes... hehe!

  6. Eat a little amount of chocolates.

    Just as long I won't go to the grocery store or Duty Free, I can't eat chocolates... hehe! Anyhow, I'll try to eat a little or no chocolates at all. It's in our family of being diabetic. I pray not to be one at this early age...

  7. No to junk food

    Junk food... hehe! No comment! ;p

Here's my A MUST To Do list:
  1. Sleep on or before 12 midnight.

    How I wish I could have a regular sleeping schedule. When I get too tired from work, I can go to sleep from 6PM to 9PM and then I sleep again at 2-3AM to 5:30AM. I don't sleep on Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday and Sundays, I usually sleep at 5-6AM till before noon time. Sometimes, if I can hold my sleepy eyes, I can sleep from 10-11PM then wake up at 5:30AM.

  2. Exercise at least three times a week.

    I've gained some weight lately. I haven't done some exercise since I bought our new treadmill. Now we bought a new equipment and I wanted to spend some time on it. I pray to get and stay fit again like my body during my graduating college days.

  3. Forget the people who have hurt me.

    Past is past. So I should forgive and forget. Time to move on and take no grudges!

  4. Be more optimistic.

    Attract the positive energy! A lot of my officemates have shared to me about the Law of Attraction. And... they are right about it! I believe in the power of being positive and it makes be better, feel better!

  5. Do extra work to earn more.

    Yes! I want to earn more and save more money for my future. Life is precious and short. I want to make the most and best out of it. But... in a clean, healthy and good way!